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Conference on Secured Transactions Reforms in Latin America and the Caribbean

San José, Costa Rica, September 18-19, 2013


The International Finance Corporation in collaboration with the Institute of the Americas and the Government of Costa Rica hosted a regional conference on secured transactions reforms in Latin America and the Caribbean. Following on the success of last year's conference, this year's conference enabled participants to share best practices, ideas, opinions and expertise on the legal and institutional framework governing the creation, registration, and enforcement of security against movable assets in Latin America and the Caribbean. Besides networking opportunities, during two consecutive days, participants had the opportunity to gain practical insights on the importance of:


  • designing and implementing an appropriate legal and regulatory secured lending framework
  • developing and establishing a centralized electronic registry for security interests in movable property, and
  • providing training and capacity building to reform beneficiaries in order to maximize the impact of the reforms, including a site visit to the Public Registry of Costa Rica.


This interactive knowledge and experience sharing forum brought together nearly 100 representatives from government agencies, central banks, multilateral development banks, and private sector companies.

For more information on the agenda and presentations for the sessions please download:



For additional questions please contact Elsa Rodriguez at erodriguezfelipe@ifc.org

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