Virtual Training on Data Analysis for Long-term Monitoring (Advancing Sustainable Hydropower: Biodiversity and Management, Nepal - Virtual Webinar Series)

Date : 18-Feb-2021

Time : 19:00 – 20:30, Nepal time

Venue : Webinar (Zoom)

Data analysis for biodiversity data collected is as, or even more, important than the field methods used to collect the data. Aquatic biodiversity data should be analyzed to answer specific questions related to status of biodiversity and changes over time. The study design and analysis are key to producing data that will be useful to guide watershed management and biodiversity mitigation. This webinar will cover how to effectively design a field study to produce the most appropriate data, and the selection of indicators and metrics that can be compared between sites and over time.

A statistical tool will be presented to assess changes in fish species richness and abundance over time for long-term monitoring.

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