Using Radio Telemetry to Develop a Conservation Strategy for the Golden Mahseer (ADVANCING SUSTAINABLE HYDROPOWER - Virtual Webinar Series)

Date : 19-Nov-2020

Venue: Virtual

The Golden Mahseer (Tor putitora) is an endangered species of cyprinid fish that is found in rapid streams, riverine pools, and lakes in the Himalayan region. The Golden Mahseer faces several survival challenges, such as the construction of hydropower projects, illegal fishing, and climate change. Conservation efforts for this species, however, have been hampered by a lack of information on its basic life history. Telemetry is a technique in which radio transmitters are surgically inserted into the fish and their movement is tracked using receivers placed on the riverbanks.

This webinar will explain the science, objectives, and expected outcomes of fish telemetry and provide a brief description of successful telemetry projects, for instance in Bhutan. An overview of the planned telemetry project on the Poonch River to track the migration of fish species, after the construction of the Gulpur dam, will also be provided.

This Webinar is a ADVANCING SUSTAINABLE HYDROPOWER - Virtual Webinar Series and for more details, please see the Flyer.

About the Series

This webinar series aims to bring together different stakeholders to discuss key environmental and social issues associated with hydropower development in Pakistan. Topics were identified through a training needs assessment with participation by government agencies and private sector. These webinars build on and expand previously held in-person trainings and workshops organized under the Hydropower Developers' Working Group of Pakistan.