Sustainability Analysis Workshop for the Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Hydropower Sector in Myanmar

Date: August 8-9, 2017

Venue: Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar


The objectives of this Sustainability Analysis Workshop for Myanmar's Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of the hydropower sector include:

  • Presenting key values at sub-basin level for biophysical (aquatic ecology and fisheries, geomorphology and terrestrial biodiversity), social and conflict themes;
  • Outlining and discussing the methodology, scoring and criteria developed for defining vulnerability ratings in each of the sub-basins;
  • Reviewing the criteria, scoring and parameters used for the sustainability analysis of all planned hydropower projects (HPPs); and
  • Discussing the cumulative and basin-wide impacts of hydropower development


At this 1.5 day workshop, the SEA team will present a completed example of vulnerability ratings and sustainability analysis of planned projects in the Mytinge sub-basin. The workshop will then move into two interactive group working sessions:



  1. Vulnerability ratings: Group activity using the biophysical, social/livelihood and conflict criteria and scores to determine vulnerability ratings in one or two sub-basins
  2. Sustainability analysis: Group activity to work through the sustainability analysis of individual projects within one of the sub-basins used above.


The workshop will conclude with a discussion and group activity on the cumulative and basin-wide impacts of planned hydropower development.


As this is a technical working session, the workshop is designed specifically for members of the SEA Advisory and Expert Groups and Myanmar government officials.