Strategic Management of Biodiversity in the Jhelum-Poonch River Basin- Challenges for Hydropower Development

Date: June 12-13, 2015
Venue: Islamabad, Pakistan

A number of hydropower projects are under construction or planned in the Jhelum-Poonch River basin including Laraib Energy’s New Bong HPP (84 MW), Star Hydropower’s Patrind HPP (150 MW), Mira Power’s Gulpur HPP (100 MW), the China Three Gorges South Asia Investment Limited (CSAIL)’s four HPPs, with Karot HPP (720 MW) and others for a total designed install capacity to be 3160 MW, and WADPA’s Neelum Jhelum HPP (969 MW).

The biodiversity, downstream flows, connectivity, habitat fragmentation and other environmental impacts of the HPP project areas are key issues and challenges for all the Jhelum-Poonch River Basin hydropower projects. In particular, the Jhelum-Poonch River Basin has several important populations of endangered fish species.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Develop a common understanding of the challenges associated with biodiversity conservation and hydropower development in the Jhelum-Poonch River Basin
  • Enhance and build capacity for protection of biodiversity among the different parties, 
  • Present good international practices
  • Propose coordinated solutions/ strategic management of key biodiversity values
  • Develop a Jhelum-Poonch Basin Hydropower Biodiversity Strategy

Interactive discussions between a panel of experts and participants on the key environmental issues and gaps for hydropower in the Jhelum-Poonch Basin will take place. Some key questions to be discussed include: 

  • Is the Kashmir Catfish still present in the Jhelum River- if so, where? 
  • What is the best way to survey and document endemic species?
  • What are most important elements of an EcoFlow Assessment?
  • Is the Jhelum River a regionally important river for the Mahaseer? 

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