SEA Expert Group Meetings Session 2

DateJune 28-29, 2017

Venue: Yangon, Myanmar



The Myanmar Hydropower Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) is being prepared by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation (MONREC) and the Ministry of Electricity and Energy (MOEE) with support from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to plan balanced hydropower development nationally by considering the potential cumulative impact of multiple projects on significant environmental and social values early in the planning process. An effective SEA will lead to optimizing project siting and configuration, the single most effective environmental and social impact avoidance measure available.


The follow expert groups will meet as scheduled:


Wednesday, June 28, 2017
15:30 – 17:00: Social, conflict and ethnic minorities


Thursday, June 29, 2017

09:00 – 11:00: Biodiversity, fisheries and aquatic ecology
11:00-12:00: Geomorphology and sediment transport
1300-14:30: Hydropower and energy
15:00-16:00: Economics and land use

For more information on the SEA click here. To learn more about Stage 1 of the SEA click here.

Objectives of the SEA Expert Technical Groups

Expert Groups will be convened during the preparation of the SEA to facilitate discussions on: available data sources on baseline conditions; potential hydropower impacts; determination of the significance of key baseline values; and review of assessment process and findings. The Expert Groups will provide an effective mechanism for exploring each significant issue in detail by consulting with recognized specialists in the main disciplines relating to sustainable hydropower development. Debate within each Expert Groups will be encouraged to determine significant biophysical and socio-economic values in Myanmar that require protection or controls.

Expert Groups include:

  • Hydropower and energy
  • River hydrology and geomorphology
  • Aquatic ecology / fish
  • Terrestrial ecology, protected areas, forestry
  • Social, livelihoods, indigenous peoples, conflict areas, cultural issues
  • Economics, river and basin non-hydropower use and development (including navigation, irrigation, agriculture, mining)

Members: Expert Group meetings will be convened by IFC. Each Expert Group will consist of around 5-8 members with recognized specialists in key disciplines invited to join the Expert Group for an 8-9 month period for the duration of the SEA. Members will mainly be drawn from research institutes, academia, government, consultants and NGOs.

Meetings: The most critical stage of Expert Group input into the SEA is during i) the collection of baseline information; ii) determination of significant values; and iii) definition of the desired sustainable hydropower development pathway, therefore several meetings are expected to occur early to cover the baseline, then less frequently as the SEA progresses.

Each Expert Group will provide advice on key information sources, priority values, related sustainable development objectives, and key stakeholders to be consulted. Expert Group members will be given the opportunity to comment on the baseline material and identified priority values and sites reported in draft SEA reports prior to finalization.

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