Roundtable Discussion on Hydropower Developers Working Group in Myanmar

Date: December 4, 2015
Venue: Yangon, Myanmar



Representatives from hydropower companies are invited to attend a roundtable discussion on the creation of Myanmar's first Hydropower Developers’ Working Group (HDWG).


The purpose of the HDWG is to improve environmental and social risk management practices among hydropower companies; build understanding on good international industry practices; provide an innovative platform for hydropower developers to comment on policies, share knowledge, and improve their management; and provide a platform to raise sector wide issues and engage with other stakeholders.


IFC launched the first such HDWG in Lao PDR in December 2013 and has held seven business meetings and seminars. The HDWG in Lao PDR has tackled such issues as environmental and social standards in concession agreements, small hydropower decree, tariff structures, water law, cumulative impact assessment and management among other issues facing the sector in Lao PDR.


We aim for the working group to act as a platform for developers to troubleshoot the challenges they face to achieve project sustainability and voice their perspectives to improve the sector collectively.


This is a closed event for representatives from hydropower companies. If you would like to learn more about Lao PDR's Hydropower Developers' Working group, or if you are a representative that would like to join our meetings, please contact Kate Lazarus, senior operations officer.