IFC Health Newsletter | November 2022

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

This month, we spoke with P.J. Singh, Managing Director of Tynor Orthotics, the leading manufacturer of orthotic products in India, about ways to manufacture high-quality, affordable medical devices efficiently and cost effectively. We also announced an impressive roster of speakers participating in our 9th Global Private Health Conference, to be held next February in Cape Town.

As always, we welcome comments and suggestions for interviews for future issues.
Zeynep Kantur
Global Sector Manager of Health and Education, IFC

Expert Voices: An Interview with P.J. Singh, Managing Director of Tynor Orthotics

“Thanks to technological advances in automation, we have decreased the number of people needed to run production and increased the number of employees focused on research and development." Read the interview here.
IFC Thought Leadership

In a recent blog post, Charles Dalton, IFC Senior Health Specialist, shared five strategies to boost health services delivery in emerging markets: adopt a more process-oriented mindset; focus on improved cost and performance analytics; move away from single hospital operations to coordinated, integrated models of care; work with payors to secure longer-term higher patient volumes in return for discounted cost; and work more closely with purchasers to share the financial risk.

MedTech Innovators Series

This month, we completed a four-part webisode series featuring medical technology innovators. We learned about the challenges of bringing advanced medical equipment to low- and middle-income countries and how to overcome them. Another entrepreneur shared his experience redesigning X-ray machines for emerging markets while one CEO described how he pitched, fundraised, and produced life-saving incubators.

IFC recently invested $150 million in Eurofarma Laboratórios, a manufacturer of prescription and generic drugs, in Brazil. The partnership will enable Eurofarma to increase access to lifesaving vaccines and medicines and help the company establish a digital- transformation strategy through our DigiPharma advisory program.

Being knowledgeable about high-alert medications is critical to patient safety. Our IQ Healthcare team developed a free self-paced training course to help facilities develop standardized processes and mitigate patient harm associated with errors.

A warm welcome to bioMérieux, a laboratory diagnostic equipment provider, to Africa Medical Equipment Facility (AMEF), which brings together manufacturers, providers, and banks to make equipment accessible. The agreement bioMérieux signed with IFC will result in smaller private medical providers purchasing and maintaining lab equipment across the continent.

IFC Discoveries

IFC published a report "Increasing Access to Health Services Through Inclusive Digital Health," which tracks how two healthcare providers in Mexico—salauno (eye care provider) and Clínicas del Azúcar (diabetes healthcare provider)—are using digital tools to serve poor and remote populations.

Conference Updates

We were excited to announce a dynamic roster of speakers participating in our Global Private Health Conference.
Stay tuned for more developments and start planning your trip to Cape Town.

Calling all healthcare facilities that invested in quality improvements. Consider joining our business case for quality contest and win a complimentary admission to our two-day Global Private Health Conference.

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