IFC Mobile Money Toolkit ©

IFC's Mobile Money Toolkit © is a combination of both the best publicly available information and original content and newly created materials. It includes documents available from CGAP, USAID, the World Bank, GSMA, and other organizations that are doing research in the realm of mobile money. Each part contains a number of documents or tools, some specifically designed for this toolkit, others collected from the public domain.


Mobile Money Toolkit Factsheet

IFC Mobile Money Toolkit ©

About the Mobile Money Toolkit

Table of Contents

PART 1. Getting Started
Introduction to Part 1: Getting Started
Tool 1.1. Mobile Money Macroinfluencers
Tool 1.2. 12 Steps to Mobile Money Deployment
Tool 1.3. Elements of Competitive Strategy
Tool 1.4. Competitor Information IQ Test
Tool 1.5. Top 10 Reasons for Distribution Channel Failure
PART 2. Regulatory Diagnostics
Introduction to Part 2: Regulatory Diagnostics
Tool 2.1. CGAP Analysis - Diagnostic Questionnaire
Tool 2.2. Relevant Laws and Directives
Tool 2.3. Diagnostic Meeting Checklist
Tool 2.4. Diagnostic Template
Tool 2.5. Diagnostic Report Example - Indonesia
PART 3. Market Strategy
Introduction to Part 3: Market Strategy
Tool 3.1 Market Research - Market Sizing Overview
Tool 3.2. Market Research - Conducting Surveys & Focus Groups
Tool 3.3. CGAP MNO Mobile Money Market Sizing
Tool 3.4. Market Research - Customer Segmentation
Tool 3.5. Mobile Money Product Adoption Life Cycle
Tool 3.6. GSMA Analysis - Marketing Mobile Money - Top Challenges
Tool 3.7. CGAP Report - Marketing Branchless Banking
Tool 3.8. IFC Report - Cash Movement in PNG
Tool 3.9. Mobile Banking Questionnaire – USERS
Tool 3.10. Mobile Banking Questionnaire – NON-USERS
Tool 3.11. Vendor Questionnaire
Tool 3.12. Alternative delivery channels and technology
                        Overview of Cote D'Ivoire: MFS Market Data 2013
                        Opportunities for DFS in the Cocoa Value Chain in Cote D'Ivoire: Insights from New Data
Part 4. Customers
Introduction to Part 4: Customers
Tool 4.1. Customer Value Proposition
Tool 4.2. Field Report - Exploring Trust
Tool 4.3. CGAP Report - Pricing Analysis
Tool 4.4. CGAP Analysis - Pricing Calculators
Tool 4.5. AFI Report - Consumer Protect Policy
Tool 4.6. CGAP Report - Regulatory Approaches to Protecting Funds
Tool 4.7. GSMA Analysis - Driving Customer Usage
Tool 4.8. GSMA Consumer Insights Toolkit
Tool 4.9. Who Are the Microfinance Clients? A case study on customer segmentation and product development
                      The Mobile Banking Customer That Isn't: Drivers of Financial Services Inactivity in CDI
PART 5. Distribution Models
Introduction to Part 5: Distribution Models
Tool 5.1. GSMA Presentation - Channel Deployment Strategy
Tool 5.2. Case Study – Kenya
Tool 5.3. Case Study – Tanzania
Tool 5.4. Case Study – Afghanistan
Tool 5.5. GSMA Report - Comparing M-PESA Kenya & Tanzania
Tool 5.6. Liquidity Management
Tool 5.7. EMIDA Diagram - Liquidity Management
Tool 5.8. GSMA Example - M-PESA Liquidity Management
Tool 5.9. CGAP Analysis - FINO & EKO Channel Management
Tool 5.10. Breaking Free of the Branch: Microfinance and Alternate Delivery Channels in Sub Saharan Africa
PART 6. Agents
Introduction to Part 6: Agents
Tool 6.1. Retail Agent Value Proposition
Tool 6.2. Master Agent Value Proposition
Tool 6.3. CGAP Analysis - Agent Economics M-PESA, Kenya
Tool 6.4. Ten Steps to Selecting Master Agents
Tool 6.5. Agent Selection Checklist
Tool 6.6. Agent Requirements Example - M-PESA
Tool 6.7. Master Agent Selection
Tool 6.8. Master Agent Responsibilities
Tool 6.9. Agent Scoring Tool
Tool 6.10. CGAP Tool - Agent Cash Flow Calculator
Tool 6.11. GSMA Report - Agent Commissions
PART 7. Managing Risks
Introduction to Part 7: Managing Risks
Tool 7.1. Risk Management in Mobile Money
Tool 7.2. Managing Mobile Money Risk

Tool 7.3. AML Risk: Guidance and Assessment

i) GSMA Methodology
ii) FATF Guidance on AML/CFT and Financial Inclusion
iii) FATF Guidance on a risk-based approach for new payment products and services
iv) FATF General Overview of Proportionate Risk-Based Customer Due Diligence (CDD)

Tool 7.4. USAID Mobile Financial Services Risk Matrix
Tool 7.5. Fraud in Mobile Financial Services
Tool 7.6. Digital Financial Services and Risk Management

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