Housing Microfinance Toolkit

IFC’s new Housing Microfinance Toolkit: Guidelines for Product Development and Operations is targeted for use by financial institutions seeking to launch a housing microfinance product. While this Toolkit is primarily aimed at microfinance providers, it can also be used by other financial institutions including nongovernmental organizations and commercial banks that have introduced or intend to introduce housing microfinance products.

The Housing Microfinance Toolkit describes recommended housing microfinance products and parameters, operational procedures, and a set of tools and techniques for market surveys. The Toolkit is divided into two parts and is targeted to managers and lending staff of financial institutions seeking to launch a housing microfinance product in their institution. Part I is designed to provide these institutions with guidance and resources to develop and implement a housing microfinance product, such as a home improvement loan product. The Toolkit also provides a step-by-step process for product development, which may also be adapted to other new housing microfinance products. Part II covers the loan process from loan application to delinquency management. Contact our Housing Finance team for more information.