IFC in the South Pacific building Digital Finance infrastructure.

The IFC has developed a comprehensive mobile banking program which aims to catalyze transformational impact across the Pacific region by scaling up support to three leading regional banks including BSP and ANZ.

Since, IFC has been working with ANZ and BSP to increase access to final services and strengthen financial literacy areas among existing and potential clients, beyond main urban centers in the Solomon Islands. This case study examines the program and its impact.

Women and Insurance – The Next Frontier

The mission of the World Bank and IFC is to end extreme poverty and promote shared prosperity. The journey out of poverty is never easy, but when personal or natural disasters strike it can be a major setback. That’s why we believe that access to financial services, including insurance, has an essential role to play in achieving this goal of ending poverty.

Insurance – Supporting Development Goals and Creating Markets

In the developing world, far too many people lack access to basic financial services, including insurance. This makes it even harder to escape from poverty, as unanticipated events can have a major impact. This is something IFC is working to change through its partners around the world, as this article lays out.

Findings from IFC’s Survey on Correspondent Banking (PDF):

Recent efforts to strengthen the global financial system will ultimately contribute to greater financial stability and a safer world. However, the resultant de-risking is reportedly having a negative impact on banking in emerging markets. With this 2017 Correspondent Banking in Emerging Markets Survey of over 300 banking clients in 92 countries, IFC brings important new information and data to the de-risking discussion. It gives a detailed overview of the challenges banks face, how they adapt, and it lays out a set of solutions for helping banks thrive.