Global Trade Liquidity Program Bulletin #2

GTLP Bulletin #2, March 2010. Given the unprecedented number of partners involved in the GTLP, IFC has devoted significant resources to establish a dedicated GTLP Operations Team. We have six Global Financial Markets Department staff working full-time for the program, along with about 50 other staff in various IFC departments who are actively involved in supporting GTLP, including officers from Trust Funds Operations, Financial Accounting, B-Loans (syndications), Portfolio Management, Treasury, Risk Management, Credit Review and IT, among others. Staff members from these units work together to implement guidelines and procedures to ensure the same level of supervision and care is given to funding from partners as well as to that of IFC.

We have created the GTLP Phase 1.0 Standard Operations Manual, establishing the policies and procedures for the structure and terms of the projects, as well as the accounting, tracking and supervision, and reporting mechanisms. We now have Northern Trust Bank, N. A. as the institution managing cash flows originated to and from GTLP under the direction of IFC.

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