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This month we spoke with Victor Hu, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Lumos Capital Group, which invests in education technology. We had a fascinating discussion on the value of early childhood education and its potential to elevate human capital and transform societies. We are also sharing a link to the first in our Lightning Talk education webinar series and invite you to register for the next one on May 19.
Zeynep Kantur
Manager, Health and Education
Expert Voices: An Interview with Victor Hu

Studies show clearly that high-quality early childhood education improves social and academic outcomes, making it all the more important that children in low-income areas are able to benefit. For investors, this market offers both the possibility of generating returns and of having a positive development impact. As Victor Hu, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Lumos Capital Group, explained in an interview with IFC, innovations in educational technology are helping boost the quality of early childhood education. Combined with nurturing environments, said Hu, early childhood education technology has the power to level the playing field for disadvantaged children. Read the interview here.


Universities need to make social-emotional learning part of their operations if they want to keep their students engaged, thriving, and learning. It is no longer sufficient to assume that the building of these skills, traditionally emphasized by primary and secondary schools, is enough, says IFC Principal Education Specialist Alejandro Caballero, in an opinion piece for University World News.

Online learning is here to stay, but how can it be done in the most effective way for students, universities, and employers alike? A feature in IFC Insights magazines offers an array of perspectives from students, universities, private sector companies, and IFC’s D4TEP (Digital for Tertiary Education Program) team, which is helping universities to ramp up online offerings.


At our Lightning Talks webinar on April 27, we heard from a quartet of thought leaders on diverse topics of importance including how to introduce gender diversity early on and how to imbue a joy in learning throughout, as well as why international partnerships are valuable, and how employers are returning to a "build rather than buy" learning model with their workers.

While education is a public good, governments cannot address the challenges they face alone and the private sector has a role to play. Different experiences and examples of industry working with public education were shared by educators from different regions at our March 23 webinar.

Demand for digital skills in Sub-Saharan Africa is growing as employers increasingly require workers to have some level of digital skills. Our February 23 webinar discussed the implications of this for education.

Upcoming Webinar

Join us on May 19 at 8 a.m. EST for the next session in IFC’s Education Webinar Series that will provide an opportunity for several thought leaders in the global education space an opportunity to share their perspective on a topic of their choice, with a focus on private higher education.
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