Food Fortification

Nutrient requirements are frequently not met due to the limited availability and affordability of an adequately diverse diet that includes plant-and animal-source foods. Food fortification refers to the addition of one or more nutrients to a food, during or after processing. The industrial fortification of foods started almost 100 years ago to address diseases/disorders of public health concern resulting from inadequate intake of specific micronutrients from the population’s food base. Due to these early successes, fortification continues to be an important strategy to ensure the required intake of nutrients where they are not adequately supplied by the normal diet.


  • Overview
  • Key Considerations on Food Fortification
  • Checklist to Access Food Fortification Potential
  • Oilseeds Sector
  • Grains Sector
  • Packaged and Processes Foods Sector
  • Fruits and Vegetables Sector
  • Non-Dairy Beverage Sector
  • Plant-based Proteins for Fortification
  • Seeds Sector
  • Dairy Sector
  • Country Regulations and Standards
  • Best Practices