IFC International Food Safety Forum


From Farm to Table – Building Resilient Food Systems

IFC invites retailers, manufacturers and other players in the food industry with an interest in food safety to join its 9th International Food Safety Forum on May 11 – 12, 2021 virtually. The theme of this year's forum, From Farm to Table – Building Resilient Food Systems, will highlight how investments in food safety and the fostering of a food safety culture can unlock business opportunities and enhance financial performance.

The forum provides a unique environment to exchange ideas, knowledge, and best practices. It is also a great opportunity to build new relationships and explore potential new partnerships for business.

Key Themes

  • What are key challenges for the food industry in Africa, and what are potential solutions?
  • Could AfCFTA become a strong incentive for the improvement of food safety in the region?
  • Why and how food safety regulations could affect food trade in the region?
  • How can public-private partnerships help support food safety and food security?
  • What can be done to ensure food safety is not just for consumers in export markets?
  • What is the business case for better food safety?
  • What are the latest disruptive technologies helping African companies achieve better transparency and safer food?
  • How can food companies and retailers encourage higher standards for suppliers?
  • Does more nutritious food always mean safer food?
  • How can we improve food safety in the informal sector?
  • How to develop food fraud and food defense plans?

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