SME Training and Advisory Services


IFC is bringing the best of global MSME capacity building, coaching, and consulting services to emerging markets and fragile and conflict-affected situations (FCS), while maximizing inclusion and supporting small and medium-sized businesses owned and run by women.

We provide advisory and training services to clients and development partners to improve MSME performance and the impact delivered by their projects.

We build the capacity of local advisory service providers to deliver quality training to MSMEs. Our tools and resources include various capacity building courses and the Training of Trainer (ToT) course, delivered at a distance or onsite in various languages.

We set training standards that strengthen the quality and consistency of trainers and training programs in emerging markets and FCS. This includes instructional design, content, and delivery of training with a special lens on gender. 

We provide internationally recognized, quality assured certification to grow the pool of trusted, highly skilled local service providers.

We leverage partnerships with local and international stakeholders to build capacity, maximize impact and results, and increase the cost effectiveness of training programs for small businesses.


IFC partners with the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) to provide the Training and Performance Monitoring and Assessment (TPMA) certification. The IFC-LPI TPMA certification recognizes personal competency in training delivery skills at internationally accepted standards.

For the list of IFC-accredited training service providers, please click here.

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