Templates for IFC Corporate Branding Materials with Tagline Logos

Used alongside the IFC Strategic Brand Guidelines & Graphic Standards, these branded templates help you design and produce marketing material and publications with an updated IFC look and feel. They cover most major print communications needs—setting terms for the use of essentials such as the IFC logo and arcs, cover design, fonts, colors, word counts, and co-branding elements while still leaving room for individual creativity and style in design of specific publications and other communications material.

Templates are available for download as ZIP archived folders. Each folder contains EITHER a Word template with a PDF example OR an InDesign template with links and a PDF example.

Files follow a specific naming convention: [SIZE]_[2Color or 4Color]_[Description]_[InDesign or Word].zip


InDesign files have been created using Adobe InDesign CC2017. InDesign Markup (.idml) files are included for CS4–CS5.5. If you are working in CS3 or earlier, or are working in another layout program, please use the PDFs and links provided with each template to create a branded layout according to the guidelines.


Cover Design Elements

In each .zip file below, several cover design styles are available. You may use the cover layouts provided here as-is, or you may use the templates to create a new cover design. Please refer to the “Cover Design Elements” subsection in the Brand Guidelines for more information. 

The Cover 1 templates have several layout variations to meet the needs of specific marketing and communications content while upholding the IFC corporate brand. 

The Cover 2 templates are intended for use for knowledge management products, manuals, user guides, or for other IFC publications that may prefer a look that is distinguished from marketing and communications material, and/or are being updated to meet the latest IFC branding guidelines. Incorporating color in the background will allow for a smooth transition from the established series to the refreshed IFC brand.



Interior Design Elements

A variety of interior spread designs have been created to provide a wide range of layout options to choose from when designing multi-page materials. These layouts can be combined in a number of ways suitable to the content and graphics at hand.

Styles 1, 2 & 3, 8.5” x 11”; CMYK Process


Brochures and Folders

9x12_4Color_Pocket Folder_InDesign
9” x 12”; CMYK Process

A4_4Color_Trifold Full Size_InDesign
210mm x 297mm; CMYK Process

8.5” x 11” (Flat); CMYK Process


Banners and Posters

Branded templates help you design and produce banners and posters with a standardized IFC look and feel. The Adobe InDesign files are easily manipulated by a design or print vendor and include the use of essentials such as IFC logo placement and color palette while still leaving room for creativity and style in the design of regional and industry-specific marketing materials.

Certain elements of the templates have been locked – such as the tagline text, and the IFC logo placement and rule – and should not be manipulated. At the bottom of each banner are five inches of white that allows for a one-inch bleed and four inches of blank space (where the banner tucks into the metal base). This must be accounted for on all retractable banner layouts.

Additionally, some corporate banners contain the Creating Opportunity campaign text image, but others do not, and both can also be “regionalized” by applying region-specific photos and languages into the same template. Borrowing Banners for Use at Events & Signings: Banners with current images and messaging are available to be borrowed temporarily for events held at IFC headquarters. To borrow a banner, contact the External & Corporate Relations Assistant Desk at ext. 35773. Please provide at least 24 hours’ notice.

33.4306x85.8056 4 Color Branded Banner (InDesign) - 33.4375”” x 85.8125”; CMYK Process

33.4306x85.8056 4 Color Co-Branded Banner (InDesign) - 33.4375”” x 85.8125”; CMYK Process

33.4306x85.8056 2Color IFC Logo Banner (InDesign) - 33.4375”” x 85.8125”; CMYK Process


One-Page Templates

Fact sheet and inserts can have a variety of uses. They may be used to highlight a client case study, or a particular corporate product. Often finished versions are saved as PDFs and made accessible on a service line-specific website. Additionally, these one-pagers can be paired with a publication or folder above to create a suite of branded collateral for your team. Again, please note the importance of development partner visibility on all advisory services-related publications. Please refer to the p.17 of the brand guidelines for more information.

A4_4Color_Fact Sheet 1_InDesign
A4_4Color_Fact Sheet 2_InDesign
Styles 1 & 2; 210mm x 297mm; CMYK Process

210mm x 297mm; CMYK Process

Letter_4Color_Fact Sheet 1_InDesign
Letter_4Color_Fact Sheet 2_InDesign
Styles 1 & 2; 8.5” x 11”; CMYK Process

Letter_4Color_Insert 1_InDesign
8.5” x 11”; CMYK Process

A4_4Color_Fact Sheet 1_Word
A4_4Color_Fact Sheet 2_Word
Styles 1 & 2; 210mm x 297mm; CMYK Process

210mm x 297mm; CMYK Process

Letter_4Color_Fact Sheet 1_Word
Letter_4Color_Fact Sheet 2_Word
Styles 1 & 2; 8.5” x 11”; Full Color

Letter_4Color_Insert 1_Word
8.5” x 11”; Full Color


Other Word Document Templates

Additional Word document templates exist for some specific uses such as crafting a press release or a basic newsletter in-house, or for events where you might need to create a simple event agenda or invitation without the aid of a design vendor.


Video Backdrop Templates

White-on-blue video backdrop templates are available in both 10 x 10 and 10 X 20 sizes. One is for standard, multipurpose use, using the white vertical IFC logo in a step and repeat pattern.  Another version features a map background behind the logo. An additional event-specific version is also available that can be customized, allowing an event’s name and client/partner cobranding to be added as needed. Sizing can be adjusted to meet the needs of local manufacturers.



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