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CAO, IFC and MIGA Seeking Input from Stakeholders on Draft CAO Policy

In August 2020, IFC and MIGA  Boards of Directors (“Boards”) released the report of the External Review of IFC’s/MIGA’s Environmental and Social Accountability, including the Compliance Advisor Ombudsman’s (CAO) Role and Effectiveness (the External Review). In response to recommendations from the External Review, the Boards tasked a Joint CAO/IFC/MIGA Working Group to develop a draft IFC/MIGA Independent Accountability Mechanism (CAO) Policy (“Policy”).  The draft Policy outlines the CAO’s purpose, mandate and functions; core principles; and governance and is now available for public consultation. The feedback gathered during the consultation process will be considered by the Working Group as the Policy is finalized before its presentation to the Boards in June 2021 for their consideration and approval.

The draft Policy is available in English and other languages on this page. In addition, please view this slide deck which outlines key changes in the draft Policy.

Public Consultation: April 5, 2021 – May 19, 2021

Feedback on the draft Policy can be shared at any time during the consultation period by attending a consultation meeting and/or submitting written feedback:

  • Virtual Consultation Meetings: Please register to attend one of the upcoming consultation meetings. The meetings will include regional consultations conducted in English, Arabic, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, based on demand.

    • Latin America
      • April 26, 2021: 9am (COT): Bogota (Spanish)
      • April 30, 2021: 9am (BRT): Brasilia (Portuguese)

    • Sub-Saharan Africa
      • April 27, 2021: 12pm (GMT): Dakar (French)
      • April 29, 2021: 3pm (EAT): Nairobi (English)

    • Middle East and North Africa
      • April 28, 2021: 2pm (EET): Cairo (Arabic)

    • East Asia and Pacific
      • May 3, 2021: 10am (ICT): Bangkok (English)

    • South Asia
      • May 4, 2021: 9am (IST): New Delhi (English)

    • Europe and Central Asia
      • May 7, 2021: 3pm (EEST): Kiev (English)

    • Global
      • May 10, 2021: 9am (EDT): Washington, DC (English)

  • Online Feedback Form: Please share written feedback on the draft Policy.

  • Written comments can also be submitted by email to: accountabilityconsultation@worldbankgroup.org.

Previous Consultation Events

  • On April 12, 2021: An informational session was held to brief stakeholders on:

    • The draft Policy: background, context and process for the development of the draft Policy; and key elements of the draft Policy, including enhancements to CAO processes. Presentation available here.

    • An overview of the public consultation process and the timeline for finalizing the draft Policy and submitting to the Boards for consideration and approval.

    • Other actions that IFC and MIGA are developing to strengthen environmental and social accountability.

    • IFC’s and MIGA’s work program on enabling remedial solutions.