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Financial Institutions

Basic financial products such as bank accounts, insurance, and housing loans help people and businesses build assets, increase income, and reduce their vulnerability to economic stress. IFC helps financial intermediaries to become more involved in priority sectors, such as women-owned businesses and climate change, and in underserved regions, such as fragile and conflict-affected states. We also focus on housing, infrastructure, and social services.

In FY19, our new long-term commitments in financial institutions totaled about $8.2 billion, including $3.2 billion mobilized from other investors.

FY19 Development Results

Numbers at the left end of each bar are the total number of companies rated.

Project Financing and Portfolio, by Industry

Financial Institutions
$ millions, for the year ending June 30
Long-term investment commitments 5,024
Loans 4,218
Equity 112
Guarantees and risk management 694
Core mobilization* 3,156
Total commitments 8,180
Portfolio Exposure** for IFC's account 24,876
Committed portfolio for loan syndications*** 2,971
Total committed portfolio**** 27,847

* * Including Loan Syndications (B-Loans, Parallel Loans, and MCPP Loans), IFC Initiatives, AMC, Other Mobilization by Decision, and Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) Mobilization.
** Portfolio exposure is defined as the sum of the (i) committed exposure for IFC’s debt investments, (ii) fair market value of IFC’s equity investments, and (iii) total undisbursed equity commitments.
*** Including B-Loans, Agented Parallel Loans, and MCPP Loans.
****includes short-term finance

Development Reach

Financial Institutions Portfolio
  CY17 CY18
SME loans ($ millions)1,2 364,747 360,561
SME loans (millions of loans)1,2 8.32 7.94
Microfinance loans ($ millions)1,2 73,857 75,991
Microfinance loans (millions of loans)1,2 54.42 50.27
Housing finance loans ($ millions)1,2 69,809 80,396
Housing finance loans (millions of loans)1,2 2.28 2.78
Trade finance transactions ($ billions)3 260 264
Trade finance transactions (millions of transactions)3 1.6 1.7

1 Portfolio reach figures represent the micro, small, and medium outstanding loan portfolio of IFC clients as of end CY17 and CY18 for MSME-oriented financial institutions/projects. CY18 includes data from 273 MSME clients and 28 housing finance clients.
2 Data on the number of Micro loans and SME loans has been extrapolated for 3 clients, representing 5% and 55% of the indicators, respectively. Data on the number of housing finance has been extrapolated for 1 clients, representing 36% of the indicators.
3 The total number and dollar volume of trade transactions financed by the Global Trade Finance Program’s network of emerging-market banks are based on actual data from 92% (number) and 96% (dollar volume) of the network’s active banks for CY18. This data represents the total transactions executed by network banks supported by the GTFP program. Data for the remaining 8% (number) and 4% (dollar volume) has been calculated by IFC using internal calculation guidelines by summing up only transactions directly guaranteed by IFC for these network banks. The figures are not directly comparable to last year’s due to variance in the number of active banks in the program and those who submitted survey responses. CY17 data have been updated to reflect prior-year data corrections from survey participants.

Global Trade Finance Program Results1

$ millions FY18 FY19
Total Trade Supported2 7,188 5,135
IDA Countries 2,578 1,398
FCS Countries 1,276 1,219
Sub-Saharan Africa 1,095 523
South-South3 3,601 2,392

1 Figures in this table represent trade supported by IFC guarantees issued through the Global Trade Finance Program in support of the payment obligations of emerging-market banks.
2 Total trade supported is the total value of goods traded under IFC guarantee. For IDA, FCS, and sub-Saharan Africa, it is measured as the value of goods where the region or classification in question was the origin and/or destination of shipment (i.e., on either end of the trade transaction).
3 South-South total trade supported is measured as the total value of goods traded under IFC guarantee where the shipment's country of origin and country of destination are South countries, defined as IFC member countries where IFC can undertake investment and advisory operations."