About IFC Corporate Finance Services

By leveraging the World Bank Group’s global network and IFC’s deep investment expertise, Corporate Finance Services (CFS) is uniquely positioned to provide M&A advisory solutions. We help private sector companies with:.

Buy-side Advisory: Enter new markets and identify growth opportunities.

Sell-side Advisory: Attract strategic partners to reinforce or diversify shareholding structure

Corporate Advisory: Structure unique or complex projects..


Our Global Reach

IFC has decades of hands-on investment experience, global network, and unparalleled on-the-ground staff presence. We are the world’s largest multilateral investor with more than $245 billion in cumulative financing delivered to businesses in emerging markets.

Our network includes: over 2000 private sector clients; over 900 Financial Institutions; more than 30 DFIs, IFIs; and Host Governments, Institutional Investors and Bilateral Agencies and Foundations.

With over 4,000 staff across 103 offices in 98 countries fully dedicated to emerging markets and more than 60 years of experience, we have delivered nearly $250 billion in financing to businesses in emerging markets.

A Partner of Choice

We are a leading, AAA-rated global multilateral institution that provides impartial advice, as well as debt and equity financing with a focus on development and sustainability. Our staff combine structuring, market, and industry expertise with local market knowledge and tailored delivery capabilities.

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