Institutional investors as a collective hold hundreds of trillions of dollars of capital. Over the coming decades, trillions of dollars of investment will be needed in key economic sectors like infrastructure, clean technology, and sustainable agriculture to achieve shared global development goals and continue to help lift people out of poverty. 

As IFC leads the global community in looking for ways to shrink the enormous gaps in financing supply, partnering with institutional investors must be part of the solution.

To date, however, it has proven remarkably difficult to develop vehicles that make it easy for institutional investors to allocate even small parts of their vast holdings to the impact loans delivered by development organizations to emerging-market borrowers.

The Managed Co-Lending Portfolio Program (MCPP) is IFC’s syndications platform for institutional investors. The MCPP is one of the most successful efforts to date to connect institutional investors with impact-driven opportunities that support global development priorities, especially in IDA-eligible countries and fragile and conflict-affected situations.

A new iteration of the program aligned with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement is currently under development.