As the only private-sector development institution with a global mandate, IFC leverages its broad footprint in over 100 countries to source unique impact investing opportunities for many public-sector partners.

These partners include more than 30 multilateral and bilateral development banks that are signatories to our Master Cooperation Agreement (MCA), a co-lending framework that standardizes documentation and enhances efficiency for both borrowers and lenders.

We work with MCA signatories to identify developing-country firms that are viable targets for impact loans. These loans reduce poverty, promote economic prosperity, and contribute to a more sustainable and equitable future.

Together, IFC and its fellow development institutions jointly support these clients with parallel injections of debt capital. Since 2010, IFC has successfully syndicated more than $10 billion under the MCA program.

A new extension of the MCA, the Joint Cooperation Framework Agreement (JCFA), enables other lenders to play the role of lead arranger. The JCFA also creates a structure for partnership in upstream project development work, as DFIs focus their efforts on building a larger pipeline of bankable projects in developing countries.