Best Practices Guide for Geothermal Exploration

196 pages | © June 2014 IGA & IFC | Complimentary

Best Practices Guide for Geothermal ExplorationThis is the second edition of a Best Practices Guide for Geothermal Exploration. It is aimed at project developers and their service providers to outline the state of the art tools and techniques for geothermal exploration. It covers the preliminary survey, as well as the geological, geophysical, and geochemical surveys and provides guidance on the survey tools to use for different types of geothermal systems. By following such best practices, developers can reduce early stage project risk by more accurately locating and characterizing geothermal resources prior to drilling. The Guide is significantly expanded from the first edition that was issued in March 2013, covering more types of geothermal systems and the latest in exploration technologies and techniques.


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