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Lessons from Experience

What can I learn from the experience of others in relation to biodiversity management?

The following case studies present examples of how private sector companies have met the challenges of biodiversity management in various sectors around the world.

  • COMSUR: A junior mining company's efforts to conserve biodiversity in Bolivia [PDF]: The Don Mario gold mine is located approximately 380 kilometres north east of Santa Cruz, Bolivia's second largest city, in the Bosque Seco Chiquitano, a dry forest of high biodiversity value. Operating in a particularly sensitive natural and social context, the company developed an extensive conservation program integrated with its industrial activities. The success of these efforts was largely dependent on positive interaction with the communities living near the company's operations.
  • Flower Valley: An innovative project for fynbos conservation in South Africa [PDF]: The Flower Valley project was established to develop a business based on the harvesting, and marketing of sustainably harvested fynbos – the wild flowers of the Cape region of South Africa. Because the business is built around the conservation and social objectives of the government and the international community, it has been able to use grants and subsidies to supplement commercial investment during set-up.
  • Grupo Granjas Marinas shrimp farm: From environmental consciousness to sustainable development [PDF]: Examples of poor practice were all too common in the early years of the shrimp aquaculture industry. A strong movement has developed within the industry to raise standards across the board, with activities being undertaken at national level through co-operative and government bodies, and at the international level, through the World Aquaculture Society and the Global Aquaculture Alliance. At the forefront of this movement is Sea Farms International, and its Honduras-based subsidiary GGM.
  • Holcim Vietnam Ltd.: Cement manufacturing in a critical ecosystem [PDF]: A joint venture between Holcim, one of the world's leading suppliers of cement aggregates and concrete, and the Vietnamese National Cement Company, Holcim Vietnam Ltd. operates a cement plant on a "green-field" site in Hon Chong, in the south-western corner of the Mekong Delta. The company has had to continually adapt its biodiversity management approach, based on changing social and ecological conditions in the surrounding area.
  • Kumtor Gold Company: Building sustainable biodiversity management out of adversity [PDF]: The Kumtor Gold Company, a joint venture between the state enterprise Kyrgyzaltyn and a private Canadian company, is the largest single business in Kyrgyzstan. The company's gold mine and its associated processing works and tailings are located at high altitudes in a fragile environment, within a watershed of a number of rivers. How the environmental concerns associated with this location have been addressed is an example of effective stakeholder dialogue and partnership.