Insurance Services


IFC's Insurance Services Group works with our investment teams to identify areas of risk or exposure our clients may face and help find ways to mitigate them. Our aim is to provide an integrated approach to risk identification and treatment, recognizing that insurance may be the most effective (but not necessarily the only) way of addressing these.

Our team is comprised of Risk Management and Insurance Specialists with over 100 years combined global insurance and risk management experience.

Recent Highlights

IFC hosted IFI Forum in FY15

During FY15 IFC has hosted the fourth annual IFI Insurance Forum for the first time.  IFC served as thought leaders in the insurance field of the IFI community in this two day event.  Hot topics in the insurance market such as Cyber Liability and D&O insurance claims were presented and discussed.  The event was well attended by 26 participants from 10 different IFIs.  It presented a good example of knowledge sharing and collaboration amongst the IFIs.  The culmination was a successful event as evidenced by full participation of all attendees and the positive feedback that followed.  The event ultimately has brought the IFI participants closer together.