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Aug 1, 2014

Manila Water

Manila Water Company, Inc. (Manila Water) operates in Metro Manila’s east service zone, home to 6.1 million people. Manila Water’s inclusive business model creates partnerships with local government units and community-based organizations to include communities in the design and implementation of water supply systems. For instance, by visibly placing water meters in public areas, the community can regulate itself as water use and fees become more transparent. As a result, 99% of customers in this region have 24-hour water availability and customers now pay 20 times below per cubic meter rates previously charged by private water vendors.

Jun 1, 2014

Kenya Tea Development Agency

The Kenya Tea Development Agency Ltd. (KTDA) was established in 2000 and is owned by 54 tea companies which, in turn, have 550,000 small tea farmers as individual shareholders. The tea companies collectively own 66 tea processing factories. KTDA emerged from the privatization of the Kenya Tea Development Authority (the Authority), a parastatal agency created in the 1960s to support small farmers. KTDA’s services cut across the entire tea value chain and include inputs and agri-extension, transportation, warehousing, processing, marketing, and financing. KTDA farmers receive 75-80% of the final tea price, a higher payout than farmers in neighboring countries. More than 62,000 farmers have received loans since 2009.

May 1, 2014

Fundación Cardiovascular (FCV)

Established in 1986 as a nonprofit foundation by a group of cardiologists to address the more than 50% mortality rate due to cardiovascular diseases in eastern Colombia, FCV has grown to become the largest private sector health care network in the country. FCV offers tertiary level services at hospitals as well as telemedicine, training, manufacturing of hospital products, assembly of bioengineering equipment, and hospital management software among other areas.

May 1, 2014

Engro Foods

Engro Foods Ltd. (EFL) builds strong relationships with small dairy farmers to ensure there is a high quality and consistent supply of milk for its dairy products. Approximately 200,000 farmers supply milk to EFL, primarily through its network of 1,400 Milk Collection Centers (MCCs) and 1,500 Village Milk Collectors (VMCs). In 2012, EFL received the G20 Challenge on Inclusive Business Innovation Award. In 2013, the Computerworld Honors Program, which recognizes visionary applications of information technology to promote positive social, economic and educational change, recognized EFL as a laureate for its EMAN system.

May 1, 2014


Founded in 1974, Promigas is one of the largest and oldest private utility providers of natural gas in Colombia. In addition to its own operations, it has investments in 18 other companies in natural gas transmission and distribution as well as in power distribution in Colombia and Perú. Its customers include power plants, cement, petrochemical, and mining companies as well as residential users. In its home country, Colombia, Promigas through its five distribution companies serves 2.9 million households.

May 1, 2014


Roshan (Telecom Development Company Afghanistan Corp) is a leading telecommunications provider with over six million mobile telephony subscribers. Its network is available in 240 cities and towns throughout Afghanistan’s 34 provinces. The company engages low-income people through its core business in two key ways. On the customer side, Roshan offers mobile telephony as well as value-added services such as mobile payments, remittances, and agri-commodity prices among other offerings. On the distribution side, Roshan’s 33,000 agents – typically micro and small business entrepreneurs – sign-up mobile subscribers, sell airtime, and offer value-added services.

May 1, 2014


AEGEA Saneamento e Participações S.A. (AEGEA) is a leading private sector provider of water and sanitation services in Brazil. The company operates in 32 municipalities in six states in Brazil including two frontier region states, providing water and sanitation services to 2.2 million people. Approximately 12.8% of the households (285,000 people) in the municipalities served by AEGEA's concessionaires earn up to the minimum wage per month. AEGEA offers competitive tariffs to customers at all income levels – often lower than rates customers previously paid. Its social tariff program grants a 50% discount on regular rates to qualified customers.

May 1, 2014

Jain Irrigation

Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. (JISL) is the largest manufacturer of efficient irrigation systems worldwide and a leading processor of fruits and vegetables. Jain’s micro-irrigation systems (MIS) are more water and energy efficient than flood irrigation and increases quality and quantity of produce that farmers are able to grow. The company ensures its systems are affordable through relationships with banks, who provide credit and channel government subsidies. Through its model, farmers using MIS have increased yields by 60%-130% and raised their gross incomes by $500-$6,000 per year.

Dec 1, 2013

Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios (Uniminuto)

Uniminuto is a rapidly growing not-for-profit tertiary education institution, established in 1990 in Bogotá, Colombia. Uniminuto offers affordable, high-quality technical, technological and university education. Its largest presence is at the principal Bogotá campus where 30% of its students attend school. Its national network reaches nearly 82,000 students in 48 locations in over 35 municipalities, with over 50% of its students enrolled in distance learning programs.

Aug 1, 2013

Butwal Power Company

Butwal Power Company Ltd. (BPC) is a leading hydropower company in Nepal involved in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity. In Nepal, many rural populations do not have access to electricity because the remote mountainous terrain makes national grid connectivity difficult and expensive. Therefore, in addition to supplying power to the national grid, BPC supplies electricity to 38,000 people in mid-western Nepal, either through direct connections or through one of its 112 rural distribution network partners. By utilizing a tiered tariff structure, BPC is able to make electricity more affordable for low-income customers.

Jun 1, 2013


Alquería S.A. is Colombia’s third-largest dairy company that produces and markets Ultra High Temperature dairy products. Alquería supports micro-enterprise development through distribution linkages with 140,000 small-scale retail outlets, 690 independent distributors, with products sourced from more than 6,000 mostly small, independent dairy farmers. The company provides technical assistance to small-scale dairy farmers to help improve quality and increase production.

Mar 20, 2013

The Role of the Private Sector in Expanding Health Access to the Base of the Pyramid

IFC’s purpose is to create opportunities for people to escape poverty and improve their lives by developing more outlets for inclusive and sustainable growth. To ensure equitable access to healthcare, we are committed to supporting companies that are providing health services to the poor in commercially viable ways. To this end, IFC conducted a study on how to help the private sector expand access to health services to the base of the pyramid. The study examined Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria and Turkey—countries with significant health markets yet large underserved populations. Three health segments were analyzed: healthcare service provision, distribution of drugs and medical equipment, and medical technology.

Oct 9, 2012

Being the Change: Inspiring the Next Generation of Inclusive Business Entrepreneurs Impacting the Base of the Pyramid

Based on interviews with 14 founders and CEOs of IFC client companies, the report identifies a number of lessons on inclusive business, including the need to balance short-term returns with long-term goals and the importance of knowledge of local conditions, needs, and capabilities. The stories also reflect the overarching optimism these leaders share about the future of inclusive business.

Aug 1, 2012

Apollo Hospitals

Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd., one of the largest private integrated healthcare groups in India, has broadened the reach of health services providers in India by establishing facilities in semi-urban and rural areas and using telemedicine for specialist referrals. To ensure healthcare is affordable to all, Apollo Reach hospitals treat both low- and high-income patients and charge fees based on their ability to pay. By 2015, the hospital group is expected to serve 400,000 patients per year, 30% of which earn less than $2 a day.

Aug 1, 2012

FINO PayTech

FINO PayTech Ltd. builds and implements technologies that enable financial institutions to serve under-banked populations through mobile point-of-transaction terminals and smart cards. FINO PayTech deploys field agents to enroll consumers in rural and semi-urban regions of India and conduct low-cost transactions. To date, FINO has enrolled over 20 million individuals in 21 states in India and provides them with access to a suite of financial services including remittances, deposits, credit, subsidies and insurance.

Aug 1, 2012

Nib International Bank

Founded in 1999, Nib International Bank S.C. (NIB) is one of Ethiopia’s fastest-growing private banks, with total assets having grown 64% between 2008 and 2010 to reach $400 million. It is headquartered in Addis Ababa and operates a network of 48 branches, providing extensive coverage throughout the country.

Aug 1, 2012

Sociedad de Acueducto, Alcantarillado y Aseo de Barranquilla (AAA)

AAA was the first company established under an innovative policy framework for the water and sanitation sector in Colombia. Called the “mixed capital model,” this framework encourages public-private cooperation to expand coverage in poorer municipalities not effectively served by traditional public utilities. AAA began providing water, sanitation, and solid waste management services to the city of Barranquilla, in northern Colombia, in 1993 with an exclusive 20-year concession that was later extended for another 20 years. The company has since expanded into 12 other municipalities.

Aug 1, 2012

Aadhar Housing Finance

Aadhar Housing Finance Ltd. (AHFL) seeks to extend opportunities for home ownership to low- and lower middle-income households in India. Established in 2011 as a registered Housing Finance Company, AHFL is regulated by India’s National Housing Bank. In its first year of operation, AHFL disbursed 861 loans worth $8.8 million, with approximately 50% of new loans going to customers earning $100-$400 per month.

Aug 1, 2012


Ecom Agroindustrial Corporation Ltd. (ECOM), one of the world‘s leading commodity traders, works with coffee growers – the majority of whom are smallholders at the base of the pyramid. ECOM’s direct financing, coupled with partnerships with technical assistance providers, has enabled these farmers to improve productivity, increase quality and gain the certification necessary for premium pricing. Between 2006 and 2012, ECOM purchased more than 81,000 metric tons of certified coffee, providing an additional $14.7 million in income for farmers.

Aug 1, 2012

Agrofinanzas (now Bankaool)

Agrofinanzas S.A. de C.V. (now Bankaool S.A.) is a specialized, non-deposit taking financial institution that on-lends to farmers and rural companies in Mexico. Created in 2005, Bankaool has provided access to the first formal financial services for nearly 5,000 clients. The company has approximately $100 million in its loan portfolio, and 99% of its clients earn less than $1,200 per month.

Aug 1, 2012

Bakhresa Grain Milling Malawi (BGM)

Bakhresa Grain Milling (BGM) Malawi is the market leader in flour milling in Malawi. The company has positioned itself as the market leader in wheat milling in Malawi, achieving 33.6% revenue growth and $9.5 million in EBITDA in calendar year 2011. Bakhresa was recognized for its business model as a winner of the G20 Leaders Summit in 2012.

Aug 1, 2012

La Hipotecaria

La Hipotecaria Holding Inc. (LH Holding), a full-service housing finance company, specializes in originating, servicing and securitizing residential mortgages for low- and lower middle-income borrowers, the majority of whom are first time home buyers. It approves approximately 360 loans per month in Panama and 90 loans per month in El Salvador. As of 2012, the company had issued more than 20,000 loans.

Aug 1, 2012


DineroMail is an e-commerce payments processor that facilitates electronic payments between businesses and customers. The company operates in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and Colombia. DineroMail developed a way for unbanked customers to participate in e-commerce, enabling them to purchase goods not available locally—or available only at significant mark-ups.

Aug 1, 2012


Tribanco is the financial intermediary for Grupo Martins, the largest wholesaler and distributor in Latin America, which services mostly family-owned micro, small and medium sized enterprises in Brazil. Tribanco provides more than 37,000 of Grupo Martins’ retailers with training and access to financing for inventory or store renovations, enabling them to remain competitive and improve profitability. It also facilitates short-term access to credit to low-income customers through credit cards offered via 9000 Grupo Martins’ retailers. More than 2.5 million credit cards are being used by low-income customers to buy food and basic necessities.

Aug 1, 2012

PT Summit Oto

PT Summit Oto Finance (OTO), a motorcycle financing company in Indonesia, provides small loans to low and middle-income borrowers, with most loans going to individuals earning between $150-$300 per month, and many without bank accounts. OTO engages unbanked borrowers by basing its strategy on the microfinance model, increasing the mobility of low and middle-income borrowers, enabling greater access to markets and services. The company has 173 branches and cooperates with more than 4,000 authorized motorcycle dealers.