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Publish Date: 2/27/18

The State of Governance at State-Owned Enterprises

Private Sector Opinion 40: Commercial enterprises that are owned and controlled by governments continue to constitute a significant portion of business activity in many parts of the world. This paper examines three critical areas for strengthening the quality of governance of state-owned firms—professionalizing government ownership, strengthening commercial orientation, and developing stronger, more independent boards—and the challenges involved in implementing reforms.

Publish Date: 4/25/17

Headaches, Concerns, and Regrets: What Does the Experience of 102 Brazilian Directors Tell Us?

Private Sector Opinion 39: This paper takes a look inside the functioning of the modern corporate board “black box.” Using results of an anonymous online survey, it investigates the experiences and behavior of 102 Brazilian directors—from an individual perspective as well as from a group one. To gain insight into what goes on in directors’ minds, the authors adopted a behavioral approach based on extensive literature regarding cognitive biases and group dynamics.

Publish Date: 9/21/16

El Secretario Corporativo Polímata

Private Sector Opinion 34: Este artículo contempla algunos de los aspectos del papel del secretario corporativo moderno y las competencias que se requieren para tener éxito.

Publish Date: 5/5/16

Como Apalancar las Evaluaciones de los Directorios Para el Desempeño Sostenido

Private Sector Opinion 33: Este documento establece algunas lecciones principales aprendidas acerca de la evaluación de los directorios, principalmente en los Estados Unidos y el Reino Unido , y explora la forma en que ese aprendizaje puede aplicarse a oportunidades de evaluación de directorios alrededor del mundo.

Publish Date: 9/9/15

Fear and Regret—Or Trust?

Private Sector Opinion 38: Peter Verhezen recommends a radical form of transparency that indicates a very different type of board governance - where top management and the firm’s employees are trusted to always do the right thing, and where there is a “no secrecy” context, based on trust instead of fear.

Publish Date: 5/7/15

Myths and Facts about Female Directors

Private Sector Opinion 37: Renée Adams draws on current research to debunk popular myths about boardroom gender diversity.

Publish Date: 2/26/15

Responsible Boards - Action Plan for a Sustainable Future

Private Sector Opinion 36: This paper discusses steps that companies can take to craft the sustainability vision, build sustainable boards, and integrate sustainability into the organization.

Publish Date: 1/29/15

Company in Distress? Directors Needn’t Be. Mitigating Risks at the Board

Private Sector Opinion 35: A company in distress demands special attention from its board of directors to help steer the enterprise into calmer waters. In addition, in such turbulent times, the board and its fiduciary duties are often put to test by disgruntled shareholders and creditors looking to recover their investments or loans.

Publish Date: 6/4/14

The Company Secretary as Polymath

Private Sector Opinion 34: This paper looks at some aspects of the modern company secretary role and the competencies that are required to succeed.

Publish Date: 5/7/14

Leveraging Board Assessment for Sustained Performance

Private Sector Opinion 33: This paper sets forth some key lessons learned about board assessment, primarily in the United States and the United Kingdom, and explores how that learning may apply to board assessment opportunities around the world.

Publish Date: 1/27/14

Emerging Trends in Environmental, Social, and Governance Data and Disclosure: Opportunities and Challenges

Private Sector Opinion 32: This paper argues that the social factors that have driven increased voluntary environmental, social, and governance (ESG) disclosure over the past three decades are sufficiently compelling to lead to mandated disclosure worldwide.

Publish Date: 4/16/13

Репутация, этика и другие нематериальные активы, формирующие ценность компании, – как первостепенная обязанность совета директоров

Мнение Частного Сектора 30: Директора многих компаний, чья деятельность однажды была омрачена крупным скандалом, не до конца понимали, либо невнимательно относились к выполнению таких своих основных обязанностей, как: обеспечение ответственности, лояльности, репутации, соблюдению законов и внутреннего надзора в своих компаниях. Чтобы эффективно выполнять эти обязанности, члены совета директоров должны использовать все доступные им средства.

Publish Date: 3/19/13

When Do Companies Need a Board-Level Risk Management Committee?

Private Sector Opinion 31: The financial crisis and its rippling effects on the wider corporate sector have prompted companies to rethink how they govern and manage risk. This paper discusses the board’s role in the governance of risk and the benefits of establishing a separate board-level risk-management committee - a need that applies to financial and nonfinancial institutions, as well as large and small companies.

Publish Date: 12/28/12

Integrity, Culture, and Other Intangibles for Building Long-Term Value - The Board’s Critical Responsibility

Private Sector Opinion 30: In many companies affected by scandal, directors do not understand or pay close attention to their core duties: care, loyalty, good faith, compliance, and oversight. Directors must use the tools at their disposal to effectively execute their responsibilities.

Publish Date: 11/27/12

Redefining Value: The Future of Corporate Sustainability Ratings

Private Sector Opinion 29: Corporate sustainability ratings are a potentially powerful but still underused tool for building a competitive, socially purposeful, and financially sound enterprise. Allen White discusses the purpose, methodologies, strengths and limitations, and future architecture of sustainability ratings.

Publish Date: 9/26/12

When Grandpa is Also the CEO - Resolving Differences in Family-Owned Businesses

Private Sector Opinion 28: Barney Jordaan argues that the best cure for conflicts in family businesses is prevention - through establishing basic family governance structures and, failing that, dispute resolution processes.

Publish Date: 6/22/12

Corporate Governance and Social Media: A Brave New World for Board Directors

Private Sector Opinion 27: What should board members know about social media as it relates to a company’s ability to do business and safeguard its image? And what is the board’s role in helping a company make the best use of social media?

Publish Date: 5/31/12

Guanxi, Mianzi, and Business: The Impact of Culture on Corporate Governance in China

Private Sector Opinion 26: Before taking advantage of the growing opportunities of the Chinese market, investors will do well to understand the strong influence of Chinese culture on the way businesses operate, how they govern themselves, and how they interact with each other.

Publish Date: 3/10/12

Integrated Reporting: Lessons from the South African Experience

Private Sector Opinion 25: This article offers historical background and practical guidance for company directors and executives.

Publish Date: 12/10/11

Corporate Social Responsibility - Private Self-Regulation is Not Enough

Private Sector Opinion 24: Michel Doucin begins his article with a fascinating historical analysis of the CSR concept. He identifies its pioneers, including those in emerging markets, and the different interpretations of CSR. He concludes by arguing for genuine international rules to shape a universal CSR framework. The challenge is to build a balance between collective private self-regulation and government regulations.

Publish Date: 10/10/11

Culture and Corporate Governance Principles in India: Reconcilable Clashes?

Private Sector Opinion 23: This paper explores the dynamics of culture and corporate governance in India by calling attention to three areas where the clashes are strongest: related-party transactions, the promoter's or large shareholder's actions, and the board's nominations, deliberations, and effectiveness.

Publish Date: 8/10/11

Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets: Why It Matters to Investors - and What They Can Do About It

Private Sector Opinion 22: by Melsa Ararat and George Dallas. What should investors do when scholarly research on corporate governance in emerging markets does not provide conclusive evidence on which aspects of governance matter most across all the emerging markets and how they affect firm performance?

Publish Date: 6/10/11

Optimizing Board Effectiveness with Gender Diversity: Are Quotas the Answer?

Private Sector Opinion 21: The author cites evidence that using quotas to increase female representation on the board can lead to tokenism, diminish the overall value of diversity on boards, and affect board dynamics.

Publish Date: 4/10/11

Does More Power for Shareholders Undermine Board Stewardship?

Private Sector Opinion 20: The level of shareholders’ expertise and experience needs to be questioned as they wield greater clout and become more deeply involved in strategic issues that should be the board’s purview. This misdirected involvement, in his opinion, distracts shareholders from their principal and most important role: electing and overseeing boards.

Publish Date: 9/10/10

Diversity at the Head Table: Bringing Complementary Skills and Experiences to the Board

Private Sector Opinion 19: A well-functioning board of directors needs diversity of experience and perspectives.

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