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Policy Brief on Improving Corporate Governance of Banks in the Middle East and North Africa, November 2009
By OECD, Hawkamah Institute for Corporate Governance, IFC and the Union of Arab Banks. Also available in Arabic.

From Takeoff to Landing in Accrediting Corporate Governance Training Programs, August 2009
By Yehia El Husseiny.

Mainstreaming Lawyers and Judges to Improve the Corporate Governance Regime: The Pakistan Example, May 2009
This SmartLesson demonstrates how the legal community can be used as a vehicle for corporate governance reform in a country, discussing a program in Pakistan which trained judges and lawyers on skills to improving the corporate governance regime in Pakistan. By Mohsin Ali Chaudhry.

Making Glocalization Work @ IFC, May 2009
By Mahwesh Bilal Khan.

Getting Universities to Adopt Corporate Governance—Not as Easy as It Looks!, April 2009
This SmartLesson shares the lessons learned in implementing the first corporate governance course based on IFC’s material and taught by a university in Pakistan. By Khawar Ansari.

A Thousand Cups of Tea: Strengthening Risk Management and Governance at the Bank of Palestine, March 2009
By Jim Gohary and Chris Razook.

Risk Management: So Critical, Yet So Elusive, December 2008
This SmartLesson is based on work with an investee company to help put in place a simple but effective enterprise risk management process, as part of a wider corporate governance improvement effort for the company. By Chris Razook.

A Corporate Governance Survey of Listed Companies and Banks across MENA, 2008
This aim of this survey and its recommendations is to provide useful information for improving corporate governance practices in the Middle East and North Africa region, as well as for the individual listed companies and banks that participated in the survey. By IFC and the Hawkamah Institute for Corporate Governance.

When You Sweep the Stairs, You Always Start From the Top, September 2007
This SmartLesson discusses two issues that highlight the challenges in understanding and improving corporate governance. By Sebastian Molineus.

Toolkit 2: Developing Corporate Governance Codes of Best Practice, July 2005
Whilst globalization of economies has increased, and international corporate guidelines have been adopted, each country has its own values, societal norms, way of doing business, and special circumstances. Thus, to guide policy makers, market players, and corporations in adopting sound corporate governance practices at the local level, every country should endeavor to develop its own corporate governance code. The toolkit sets out a step-by-step approach that could be followed by stakeholders to develop, implement, and review a Corporate Governance Code of Best Practice. Available in English, Arabic and French.

Focus 2: Guidance for the Directors of Banks, October 2003
This manual, for present and prospective directors of non-complex banks, is intended to provide a guide to emerging international best practice. It is designed to help boards of directors in a practical way attain and maintain a high standard of internal governance. By late Jonathan Charkham, CBE, former advisor to the governor of the Bank of England. Available in English and Arabic.



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