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Footprint Program


IFC's Footprint Program is responsible for bringing IFC’s Footprint Commitment to life by helping to reduce IFC’s environmental impact—both global and local—from corporate operations, and give back to communities where we have offices. Working closely with a senior-level advisory committee and a Footprint Champion Network, the Program leads and supports corporate initiatives that monitor and reduce our environmental impacts.


The Footprint Program is comprised of the following key elements:


Footprint Program Staff: Two full-time and two part-time staff develop and implement the Program’s annual work plan.


Footprint Advisory Committee: A senior-level Advisory Committee supports the strategic vision of the Program and provides feedback on annual work plan priorities.  In FY14, the Committee consisted of 2 Vice Presidents, 11 Directors, and 8 Senior Managers and Managers.


Footprint Champion Network: A central component of IFC’s staff engagement strategy is a network of volunteer “Footprint Champions” across the corporation, located in every country office and in every HQ department.  They disseminate information to colleagues, propose and implement changes, share ideas, and demonstrate adoption of best practices at the individual level.  As of FY14, there are 185 Footprint Champions (approximately 30% located in HQ and 70% in country offices).


The Footprint Program’s strategic objectives are as follows: 

  1. Integrate sustainability objectives throughout the corporation’s strategic and operational framework;
  2. Collect data on IFC’s environmental and social impacts from internal operations including: 
    1. Carbon emissions data, which includes staff air travel, electricity use, fuel used for vehicles and machinery, and natural gas and refrigerants used in offices,
    2. Environmental data, which includes water use, waste, recycling, and paper use,
    3. Community outreach data, which includes volunteerism and financial/in-kind donations;
  3. Ensure IFC’s carbon neutrality;
  4. Lead IFC in implementing best practices and initiatives that reduce the environmental impacts of operations and increase the positive social contribution IFC has on surrounding communities;
  5. Raise staff awareness of: a) their role in fulfilling the IFC Footprint Commitment, b) Footprint Program objectives and activities, and c) relevant sustainability issues;
  6. Report internally and externally on IFC's environmental and social “footprint” from corporate operations.