IFC Footprint Commitment  Our Approach  Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

IFC staff engagement is necessary for fulfilling IFC’s Footprint Commitment.  Our approach not only shares information with staff on what the institution is doing, but seeks out their feedback on our strategy and support for specific initiatives. 


Components of our staff engagement strategy include:


Footprint Champion Network:  A central component of our engagement strategy is the global community of “Footprint Champions” across the corporation. Footprint Champions are the Footprint Program’s liaisons located in every country office and every HQ department.  They disseminate information to colleagues, propose and implement changes, share ideas, achievements, questions, and solutions, and demonstrate adoption of best practices at the individual level.  They are the “eyes and ears” of the Footprint Program and play an important role in helping to guide the Footprint Program’s annual strategy. As of FY15, there are 187 Footprint Champions (approximately 30% located in HQ and 70% in country offices).


Senior Advisory Committee: The advisory committee not only supports IFC’s efforts on sustainability by maintaining a high-level strategic focus for the Footprint Program’s annual strategy, but the members of the committee also serve as message carriers throughout the institution, helping to drive culture change at IFC.


Events:  The Footprint Program organizes many events, seminars, film screenings, and hands-on workshops to raise staff awareness of sustainability issues.


Training:  Targeted training for IFC staff is another approach the Program uses to engage with staff.  For instance, the “Sustainable Meetings and Events Training” targets IFC staff that plan events and gives them the information and tools necessary to reduce the environmental impacts of these events.  The “Getting Started at IFC: The Footprint Program” e-learning course targets new IFC staff and provides an important overview not only of the institution’s efforts on sustainability, but every staff person’s role in the effort. A sustainability course specifically created for Administrative staff launched in FY14 and has proved very popular.