IFC’s Results Measurement System

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IFC has developed a comprehensive system to guide operations to achieve strong development impact and improve our performance each year. It consists of four interlinked parts based on IFC’s Development Goals:

  • The Anticipated Impact Measurement and Monitoring system or AIMM: This is a new tool that enables us to estimate the development impact of proposed investment and advisory projects before they are implemented. It lies at the core of project selection and design.

  • Monitoring: It provides real-time results measurement data of IFC’s investment and advisory operations at both the project and market levels. This ensures our projects are having the intended outcomes and feeds into project design and learning.

  • Diagnostics: The Country and Private Sector Diagnostics (CPSD) help us identify specific constraints to private sector investment and pinpoint sectors with the greatest potential for impact.

  • Evaluations: Mature or complete projects are validated by the Independent Evaluation Group and form the basis of IFC performance assessments, including sector, thematic, and regional assessments. They provide evidence of our effectiveness and promote accountability.

  • Modeling: IFC is currently developing pilot models that seek to extend our understanding of the integrated nature of development and therefore better show the true impact of private investment on economic growth, job creation, and improved development outcomes.