Maximize Impact


As IFC expands its investments, it will work to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, increase client resiliency to climate change, collaborate across the World Bank Group at large, and share lessons learned through partnerships, thought leadership, and setting global standards.

Reducing emissions means greater impact. Towards this goal, IFC reports greenhouse-gas emission reductions from all of its climate projects. As climate business expands, IFC will increase its resources to measure climate impact.

Additionally, IFC is dedicated to helping its clients adapt to the impacts of climate change. By investing in projects such as high-yield agriculture, climate resilient ports, and water efficiency in water-stressed regions, IFC is not only investing in climate-smart business, they’re building them to stay strong in the face of climate challenges.

IFC is not able to provide its services without support from key business groups and networks. Sharing lessons learned and partnering to reach scale are vital to IFC’s work, and important to increase climate impact. IFC aims to share lessons learned with the international community as we all work together to set, reach, and surpass ambitious climate targets.