IFC's Priorities in Climate Business

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The World Bank Group has made confronting climate change a top priority in our push to eradicate extreme poverty and boost shared prosperity.

Climate change mitigation and adaptation will require substantial resources: an estimated $28 trillion in cumulative investments in low-carbon technologies and efficiency is needed globally in the next 20 years to keep the world on a 2 degree path.

The private sector has an essential role to play in tackling climate change and ensuring sustainable low-carbon growth. More and more companies realize that creating a low-carbon business strategy can also be beneficial for their bottom-line.

IFC’s detailed Climate Implementation Plan focuses on creating market-based solutions that mobilize external private capital for investment products that contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation, such as green bonds and structured products for institutional investors. As IFC follows its blueprint, it will continue in its role as a leader in setting standards and advising clients and the international community.

Read the Climate Implementation Plan here.