July 6, 2021

Green Bonds: Evolution of a Revolution - Part 1
A discussion with Sean Kidney and John Gandolfo

When the first Green Bonds were issued in the late 2000s, no one imagined the demand to come. The first public offering was done by IFC and it sold out in only a few hours. Since then, Green Bonds have grown from around $2.5 billion in 2012 over $270 billion in 2020 with analysts projecting even further growth this year. Today, bonds are sought out as an investment option by pensions funds, insurers, and central banks, but according to Sean Kidney, CEO at the Climate Bonds Initiative and IFC's Treasurer John Gandolfo, their greatest potential may lie in their ability to change the terms of the debate.


"Green bonds bring no additional credit risk. They offer similar returns and there's the added benefit of supporting climate mitigation as well as the benefit of extra reporting from issuers."

John Gandolfo

"If we're not there by 2045, probably it's time to buy that house in Northern Siberia."

Sean Kidney