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Sub-Saharan Africa

Selling Sanitation

Catalyzing the Market for Household Sanitation in Africa


Selling Sanitation is a joint IFC-WSP initiative that aims to help millions of people across Africa get access to the household sanitation products they want and can afford. The approach is currently being piloted in Kenya, with planned expansion to other African countries by 2014.


About 600 million people – 70% of the continent’s population - do not have access to a hygienic household latrine. In Kenya, nearly 23 million people, over two-thirds of the population, use unsanitary or shared latrines which, although costly to build, are often very poor in quality and do not meet improved hygienic standards. An additional 5.8 million Kenyans have no latrines at all. Poor sanitation and hygiene results in nearly 20,000 deaths from diarrhea each year in Kenya alone. 


Despite the clear need, very few affordable products and services exist for low-income households looking to upgrade from a poor quality latrine or build new sanitation facilities. This opportunity has proved largely untapped for private businesses due to a range of market barriers.  In order to help businesses reach the underserved consumers who are in most need, IFC and WSP are working with the private and public sectors to remove these market barriers through:



Selling Sanitation is part of IFC's Sanitation and Safe Water for All program designed to support market-based approaches to expand access to safe water and sanitation products and services for underserved consumers. 



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