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Sanitation and Safe Water For All

Sanitation and Safe Water for All is an advisory services program designed to support market-based approaches with the potential to expand access to safe water and sanitation products and services for underserved consumers. The current pilot phase of the program (2011-14) focuses on Kenya. 


The program is implemented in partnership with Austria, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Denmark, Finland and Japan.


The program is working with a range of private sector firms across both the sanitation and water supply sectors:


Sanitation and waste reuse.  Around 2.6 billion people worldwide lack access to adequate sanitation. Sanitation services delivered by the private sector come in many forms, from latrine construction and marketing, to operations of communal toilet facilities, to waste removal, disposal and reuse. The private sector is also the driving force behind the development, manufacture and retail of various sanitation technologies and products.  Enhancing the ability of the private sector to deliver desirable and affordable sanitation services and products is therefore crucial for improving access. 


IFC is supporting a variety of firms that are innovating in the sanitation sector. Most notably, this includes a new Selling Sanitation initiative designed to help households get access the sanitation products and services they want and can afford. For more information on the Selling Sanitation initiative, click here.   


Piped and decentralized water systems.  Throughout Africa, population and economic growth, combined with growing water stress, are increasing demands for safe drinking water supplies in both rural and urban areas. Under appropriate conditions, private sector participation and commercial financing can help to increase access for the underserved.  Under the Sanitation and Safe Water for All program, IFC has generated a range of knowledge on the market for both piped and decentralized water systems in Kenya. Through pilot business support initiatives, IFC is also developing toolkits for private firms interested in entering or expanding into the sector in the region.  For more on these toolkits and market briefs click here.  

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