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Water PPP Conference

Accelerating Access to Water and Sanitation in Sub-Saharan Africa

Scaling Up Private Sector Participation

Public-Private Partnerships Conference

June 5-8, 2012

Dakar, Senegal

Great strides have been made in increasing the absolute numbers of people with access to water and sanitation in Sub-Sahara Africa, with water coverage increasing by over 230 million people and 110 million for sanitation over the last 20 years. However, in the face of population growth and rapid urbanization, provision has struggled to keep pace with coverage rates for safe water and adequate sanitation only increasing by eleven and four percent respectively over the same period. The private sector has played a role in many countries in increasing access to water and sanitation and can help improve the sustainability and efficiency of such services. 

Within this context, the objective of the conference is to revisit progress made in engaging private sector participation in the water and sanitation sector in Africa and share lessons from successful models both within Africa and globally. Through panel discussion and case studies, the conference will aim at fostering exchanges between public and private sector participants, in order to better understand the opportunities and challenges of public private partnerships, and appreciate the perspective of governments, practitioners and financiers.

The target audience consists of senior government officials and policy makers in charge of water and sanitation Sub-Saharan Africa, senior managers from utilities, and private operators.





For more information, please contact Elan Cusiac-Barr ecusiacbarr@ifc.org or Jane Jamieson jjamieson@ifc.org



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