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2014 Annual Event

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Sharing experience and exploring ideas for the future.

What does the future of financial inclusion in Africa look like - what the industry says.

The annual event of the Partnership for Financial Inclusion in Johannesburg on 22-23 May 2014 gathered about 130 delegates from the financial inclusion industry in Sub-Saharan Africa, practitioners as well as thought leaders and experts. We took the opportunity to ask them a couple of questions on current developments in the industry and the outlook for the future. This is what they had to say:




What will the industry for financial inclusion in Africa look like in 2020?




What is the most important innovation in the field of financial inclusion?




What is the impact of current developments in the industry on your company?




There has been considerable momentum for financial inclusion in Sub-Saharan Africa in the last few years, not least through the rapid evolution of mobile financial services. New technologies have allowed a variety of market players to reach out to the previously unbanked base of the pyramid, sometimes with spectacular results. New technologies and new markets also bring fresh challenges for the industry, requiring a re-thinking of business models and strategies. 

The second annual gathering of the Partnership for Financial Inclusion, a joint initiative by IFC and The MasterCard Foundation to scale microfinance and advance mobile financial services on the continent, brings clients of the program together with a range of industry experts and practitioners to discuss opportunities and challenges for financial inclusion in Africa. 

It is an opportunity for all to learn from actual experience in the field, to share best practice, and to explore ideas for the future.

Building on our inaugural conference in Nairobi last year, this year’s gathering will focus on business models for growth, alternative delivery channels, and regulation. The first day will consists of a series of panel discussions including clients, IFC specialists and external experts. The second day will include interactive workshops exploring branding and product design, technology platforms, and innovation and data analytics. 

Attendance to this event is by invitation only. 


The Partnership has invited a broad range of experts and practitioners in the field of financial inclusion to share their views on developments in the industry. Among the speakers are Ignacio Mas, world-renowned consultant on mobile financial services, Pauline Vaughan, Director of operations at M-KOPA and former head of the team that launched M-PESA, and Godwin Ehigiamusoe, CEO of Nigerian microfinance bank LAPO. For a full list of speakers and sessions, please see the AGENDA

#access magazine

This magazine gives a broad overview of current developments in the industry for affordable mass-market financial services in Sub-Saharan Africa, and mirrors the content of the conference. It includes interviews, thought-pieces and features on key issues in the industry; Reeta Roy on how to build Africa from the base of the pyramid, AccessBank Tanzania on launching agri-loans for small-scale farmers, and the coming revolution in mobile microinsurance. The magazine is available now.

For further information, please contact Anna Koblanck at akoblanck@ifc.org

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