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Sub-Saharan Africa

Africa Leasing Facility Locations

IFC Africa Leasing Facility Countries

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Why Lease?

In the majority of African countries high interest rates and prohibitive collateral requirements prevent most micro, small and medium enterprises from securing the necessary credit to acquire expensive machinery, equipment, or vehicles. Traditional banking and commercial credit are, therefore, often only available to the top end of the market.

Leasing is particularly useful as a financial instrument for small businesses in Africa because these businesses often lack the credit history or sufficient collateral to access traditional forms of financing. Leasing also reduces the initial capital requirements for acquiring equipment.

Contact Details

Rue Aimé Césaire x Impasse FN 18 Prolongé
Fann Résidence
BP 3296 Dakar, Senegal
Tel: +221 33 859 7100

IFC Africa Leasing Facility Contacts

For more information, please contact:

Riadh Naouar 
Program Manager
IFC Africa Leasing Facility
Rue Aimé Césaire x Impasse FN 18 Prolongé 
Fann Résidence
BP 3296 Dakar, Senegal
Tel: +221 338 597 124 
Fax: +221 338 597 144 
E-mail: rnaouar@ifc.org

Jonathan D. Gigin
Operations Officer
SSA Leasing - IFC Africa Leasing Facility
1 Central Link Street, South Legon 
Box CT2638, Cantonments
Accra, Ghana
Tel: +233 302 214 637 
Fax: +233 302 509 069
Cell: +233 244 334 801 
E-mail: jgigin@ifc.org


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