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Africa Leasing Association

The African Leasing Association, or Afrolease, is the continental body of leasing practitioners and organizations in Africa with an interest in leasing. It liaises with governments and international agencies to promote the growth of the industry in Africa.

Afrolease was created to address the need for an open forum to bring all leasing practitioners together under one body. It is doing this by increasing awareness of the significance and benefits of leasing as a viable equipment financing option and instrument of growth.

Afrolease brings together all industry players through conventions, seminars and training workshops to share ideas, identify current problems associated with leasing practice in Africa, and to help relevant authorities create favorable leasing environment.

Afrolease Contact Information

IFC and the Africa Leasing Association

IFC is helping its leasing partners reach out to one another on a regional level by working with the Africa Leasing Association. Since 2006, IFC has co-sponsored the AfroLease Convention in Africa.

th African Leasing (Afrolease) Convention in Accra, Ghana
June 2006

th African Leasing (Afrolease) Convention in Nairobi, Kenya
July 2007

th African Leasing (Afrolease) Convention in Kigali, Rwanda
June 2008, co-sponsored with National Bank of Rwanda

th African Leasing (Afrolease) Convention in Yaounde, Cameroon

May 2010

14 th Africa Leasing (AfroLease) Convention in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire


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