We help develop infrastructure projects that provide essential services in emerging markets— including electricity, telecommunications, transportation, water and sanitation— in partnership with the private sector.

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Examples of what we do 

MSC, Global

IFC committed a $37.5 million senior loan for its own account and a $37.5 million syndicated loan to Medlog, the logistics arm of the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), the world’s second largest shipping company domiciled in Switzerland. The loan will help Medlog expand its logistics operations globally with a focus on Africa. The project is expected to improve cargo handling capacity in emerging markets via targeted investments in additional trucks, railways, warehouses, depots, and equipment. IFC’s investment will help increase the integration and efficiency of logistics networks, reduce costs and accelerate the adoption of new technologies in the logistics sector across emerging markets, significantly supporting regional economic development while contributing to building and enhancing local capacity.


Alba Group, Asia

IFC committed a loan of up to $60 million to support Alba Group Asia’s development, investment and management of hazardous waste and biowaste treatment projects in the emerging economies in Asia. This is IFC’s first investment in the hazardous waste sector and one of its first investments in plastics recycling companies globally. Alba Group Asia is a regional platform dedicated to hazardous waste, bio waste, plastic recycling, and smart city solutions in Asia. It is a part of Alba Group, one of the leading recycling and environmental services companies based in Germany. IFC’s investment will benefit local populations and industries by enhancing treatment capacity of hazardous waste and bio-waste and promoting plastic recycling and smart urban waste management solutions in the target region, reducing safety and health risks and improving environmental conditions. The project is expected to boost sustainable waste management and recycling, creating a circular economy in developing Asia, and increase local employment.