Manufacturing, Agribusiness, & Services


Countries which have successfully developed and reduced poverty over the past century have done so largely by developing their manufacturing, agribusiness, and services sectors. IFC has supported the investment projects of Western European sponsors in emerging markets across these important sectors.


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Examples of what we do

Recordati İlaç, Turkey

IFC provided a $34 million local-currency corporate loan to Recordati İlaç, a fully-owned Turkish subsidiary of Italy’s Recordati S.p.A, to help finance the construction of its new pharmaceutical production facility in the Istanbul region. This will increase the availability of quality pharmaceuticals produced locally and support the transfer of industry best practices.

Dafiti and Lamoda

IFC invested €15 million equity in Dafiti and €10 million in Lamoda, online retailing ventures supported by Germany's Rocket Internet, to facilitate Dafiti’s expansion in Latin America and Lamoda’s in Kazakhstan and Russia. The investment will generate employment in the logistics, warehousing, Information Technology, and marketing sectors, create a replicable business model in emerging markets, and provide consumers in secondary cities with competitively priced goods.

Essilao, Lao

IFC gave a $10.5 million senior loan to Essilor, a manufacturer and distributor of prescription lenses headquartered in France, to set up a factory for optical lenses in Laos. This will facilitate the transfer of high-end technology and manufacturing processes, including the latest energy efficiency standards, develop specialized local technicians through vocational training, and create employment.