Poor infrastructure is a major obstacle to growth in most emerging markets. It limits opportunities, creates inconveniences, and sustains high costs for basic services. The problem is particularly acute in sub-Saharan Africa, which needs to maintain existing infrastructure, and make significant new investments to fuel growth and lift people out of poverty.

IFC aims to help Africa build a modern economy with ports, railways, telecommunications, and power, including renewable energy. We are leading the way in attracting private expertise, management, and finance.

IFC helps develop early-stage projects, provides large-scale finance, and mobilizes funds from other investors. Developing deals requires time, effort, experience, and the ability to get the right balance between private and public interests. IFC has successfully advised African governments, including local municipalities, on ways to engage the private sector in essential public services, and on how to restructure state-owned enterprises. IFC’s public-private partnership support facilitates billions in private financing for infrastructure and health, and to provide improved services to millions of Africans.

IFC InfraVentures develops private and public-private partnership infrastructure projects in emerging markets. The objective is to address the limited funds and experienced professionals dedicated to private infrastructure project development in these countries.

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