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Since 1956, IFC has invested over $150 million in Nepal, creating opportunities where it’s needed most. As of June 2019, IFC’s committed portfolio is over:

$75 million

Nepal is a priority country for IFC. Since 2008, IFC has worked closely with Nepal's private sector to boost private sector growth by promoting investments in hydropower, infrastructure, tourism and financial markets.

Additionally, IFC plays an active role in numerous other sectors, vital for Nepal’s growth, including agribusiness, transportation, trade finance, small businesses, and private equity and venture funds. IFC also works closely with the Government of Nepal in making it easier to do business in the country.



Helping Small Businesses Grow: Small and medium enterprises are a vital component of Nepal’s economy. They employ 1.75 million people and account for 22 percent of the country’s GDP. For these SMEs, improved access to finance is essential for growth. The IFC-initiated Business Oxygen (BO2) Venture Fund will make equity investments in Nepal’s high-growth SMEs, helping them achieve their potential and create more jobs.



Enhancing Productivity in the Poultry Sector: Nepal’s poultry sector employs over 70,000 people. However, the industry loses up to $32 million in profits. This loss is primarily due to the fact that local SMEs lack formal training on farm management and struggle to stay profitable. IFC, together with the Private Sector Window of Global Agriculture and Food Security Program, are working to enhance poultry farm productivity, and boost incomes in rural Nepal.


Published in March 2016