IFC Food Benchmark Tool

About the IFC Benchmark Tool

What it is

This benchmark tool is a collection of environmental performance benchmarks for food industry compiled from various selected publications. The tool enables the user to search for collected benchmarks within industry sub sectors such as:

  • Meat processing
  • Fish processing
  • Fruit and vegetables processing
  • Milk processing
  • Bakeries and pasta processing
  • Drinks and beverages including mineral and drinking water
  • Sugar (beet)
  • Sugar (cane)
  • Coffee, Cocoa and Tea processing
  • Vegetable oil and fat manufacturing (soy, sunflower and palm)
  • Grain processing (milling, starch flour and malt)
  • Alcohol production (as part of food processing units, excluding biofuels)

 For each sub-sector, collected benchmarks have been sorted into industry segments whenever applicable. A segment is a food industry segment of a specific sub-sector. An example, “Poultry” is a segment of the sub-sector “Meat processing”.


  • Provide instrument allowing fast access to relevant environmental benchmark data;
  • Provide instrument to enter, store, and use analogical data obtained by technical experts from different resources including clients;
  • Provide instrument to share collected data within IFC.


Tool allows using already collected information in more comfortable way as compared to the book/brochure or other more traditional way. The user can:

  • see,
  • filter,
  • group,
  • see details on data sources, and
  • print selected data.

The tool is also intended for dynamic use and thus enables the user to:

  • Add own benchmarks;
  • Include new benchmark types;
  • Add benchmarks or comments to individual benchmark figures.

Download User Guide here (PDF) and IFC Benchmark Tool here (excel)