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The need for infrastructure improvements in the region is critical. IFC helps increase access to basic services by financing infrastructure projects and advising client governments on public-private partnerships. IFC collaborates closely with other parts of the World Bank Group and the donor community in this work. A significant part of IFC’s advisory work is supported by our donor partners.

Investment in infrastructure projects forms a key part of IFC’s institutional strategy. Over the past year, we provided over $470 million to support eight new projects in the power sector, with a special emphasis on renewable energy.

IFC’s infrastructure advisory services primarily counsel governments, including municipalities, on ways to engage the private sector in essential public services. IFC’s advisory work helps establish public-private partnerships through which governments can realize improved performance despite budget constraints, while benefiting from the private sector’s expertise, management, and finance. The focus is primarily on expanding access to public services such as power, water and sanitation, transport, and health.


Examples of What We Do:

Expanding Mobile Network in Central Asia

Extending the Power Grid in Central Asia

Addressing the Challenges of Urbanization

Improved Healthcare Services for All