Our focus is on boosting the green economy, increasing access to finance and promoting inclusion, improving competitiveness and connectivity, and helping sustain economies and protect jobs, especially amid the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis.

During its fiscal year 2020, IFC invested around $2,5 billion in the region, including $1.1 billion mobilized from other investors, driving the diversification of the region’s economies, promoting inclusion, tackling climate change, and helping to lessen the impact of the pandemic. IFC also supported $657.2 million of cross-border trade in the region through 25 banks participating in its global trade finance program.

Advisory work plays an important role in IFC's involvement in the region. Over fiscal year 2020, we implemented 74 advisory projects in the region, which focused on improving business regulations, working with the private sector to fight climate change and helping local companies improve their corporate governance, and environmental and social practices.