IFC in Thailand

IFC’s work in Thailand is focused on expanding job opportunities and alleviating poverty. We continue to work with the private sector in the areas of climate change, circular economy, and green recovery as reflected in IFC’s investment portfolio.

As the country continues to battle the ongoing pandemic, focusing on vaccination efforts and reviving the tourism sector, IFC continues to provide financing and advisory work to the private sector in Thailand to ensure a resilient recovery.

This means helping companies with working capital so they can continue with operations; helping businesses to build greener buildings that will not only reduce GHG emissions but also bring significant utility savings; improving logistics for an undisrupted flow of essential goods; and rethinking how to recycle, reuse and redesign products to cut down on waste in a way that also allows industry to thrive economically and boost opportunities.

IFC combines investment and advisory to foster sustainable economic growth in Thailand’s private sector. As of June 2021, IFC’s committed portfolio in Thailand is $875 million.


  • IFC’s first investment in a non-banking financial institution in Thailand that will target micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

  • A Green Loan to Asset World Corporation (AWC) to finance new green projects and decarbonize its existing assets applying globally-recognized Green Loan Principles. This will enable Thailand’s largest hospitality player to create around 1,500 direct jobs — receptionists, cleaners, security, restaurant workers — and 3,800 indirect jobs in its hotel supply chain.

  • A sustainability-linked financing package of $85 million to Precious Shipping Public Company Limited to support continued transportation of cement along the west coast of India and Sri Lanka and other critical dry commodities globally. The investment comes at a time when the maritime sector continues to be impacted by logistical challenges due to the lingering effects of COVID-19, with the impacts especially felt in the region.

  • A landmark US$300 million financing package to help Bangkok-based Indorama Ventures Limited group recycle 50 billion PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles globally a year by 2025. This marks IFC’s first “blue loan” exclusively focused on addressing marine pollution.

  • A sustainable loan to fund investments in hydropower and affordable healthcare under the RH International (Singapore) Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bangkok-based RATCH Group Public Company Limited.

  • IFC also provided an equity investment to PRINC, one of the country’s leading players in the health-care industry, to support services to underserved markets in rural and frontier regions.


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