IFC in Korea

The Republic of Korea’s relationship with IFC has grown over the last 50 years from a recipient country to a key partner in outbound transactions and a significant source of mobilization. Korea joined IFC in 1964 and its first investment project was approved in 1968. Since IFC re-established its presence in Korea in November 2013, it has invested approximately US$1.8 billion globally from its own account and mobilized another US$2.5 billion including IFC AMC fund commitments, to help Korean entities expand and invest in developing countries, bringing its total commitment to over US$4.3 billion. Cumulatively since 1985 to-date, IFC has invested around US$4.1 billion for its own account and mobilized another US$6.7 billion in nearly 100 Korean projects globally.

Apart from supporting major Korean companies entering the global emerging market, IFC creates opportunities for small and medium-sized Korean banks to share knowledge and technical know-how with client-countries to expand overseas investment. IFC’s unique financing and advisory products combine global expertise and local knowledge, maximizing investment returns and social benefits.

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