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The mobile industry drives innovation and takes critical services such as health care, education, and disaster recovery to underserved, remote areas. It also enhances the delivery of services provided by other industries.

The large proportion of the population still uncovered by mobile networks is predominantly rural, with low income and high level of illiteracy. Mobile operators as well as governments and regulators have a critical role to play in addressing these barriers and improving the reach and affordability of mobile services.

IFC has established long-term partnerships with all major mobile operators globally. We support these companies as they expand networks and upgrade services to reach all geographic areas and population groups, especially in challenging operating environments such as frontier and post-conflict areas.

In countries where the capital market is not fully developed, we offer customized financing solutions that address funding needs and other associated transaction risks. We also have the ability to raise additional financing from other investors, acting as a catalyst in markets that are usually perceived as too risky.